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After a crown or bridge installation

Post-treatment care at home

After a crown or bridge installation

It is important to follow the instructions below to speed healing. Note that some discomfort and swelling are normal after surgery.

The installation of crowns and bridges usually takes two appointments to complete. During the first appointment, we take impressions of the teeth that are to be replaced. Then temporary crowns or bridges are installed to protect your teeth until the custom restoration is being made.

Day of surgery

  • You may have a slight fever.
  • Take the medication prescribed or recommended by our team, as needed.


  • Don’t consume hot beverages when you are frozen.
  • Don’t eat hard or sticky foods (candy, chewing gum).


  • Try to eat on the opposite side.

The day after until full healing

  • Brush your teeth normally, but floss carefully to avoid dislodging the temporary crown.
  • If a temporary crown comes off, you will have to come back in so we can re-cement it. This is important as it will prevent other teeth from moving and compromising the fit of your final restoration.


If you experience pain or have trouble closing your mouth, of if you have any questions, call us at 450.667.3368.